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Assembly and Rough Cut

This is the stage where the project and footage are prepared for deep precise editing to make the creative process easier down the road. This includes the review and organization of the given footage the syncing of audio and video if required and finally the process of piecing together a rough concept of the final requested video -- usually with minimal effects save for those deemed necessary or requested. The Rough cut will be shared with the client once completed to evaluate their vision before continuing further. Here the client and editor may work together to figure out the intended story structure and its tone. For commercial work this reevaluation may be a shorter process than film or series work which may be reworked and molded with the director together for some time.To make this item your own click here > Add & Manage Items.

Fine Cut

This stage the editor works to fine tune everything about the edit to make it look as clean, precise and professional as possible. This includes image fixes that were not done previously or as thoroughly. Cuts are fine tuned for the desired effect, special effects and colour correction are added along with audio any levelling and effects. This is where an editors work goes in the most to make it look and sound as perfect as possible for review.

Adjustments and Additions

Finally after review, fixes and adjustments are made to the project for things that did not quite work or flow with the intended vision. Adjustments can also be made to make the product even better with new fresh ideas not thought of previously. Any aspects overlooked can be focused on and final scoring, mastering and credits can be inserted at this point if not done previously. If everyone is happy, the project is now complete.

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