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December 2nd, 2021 - Jan 3rd, 2022

Old World Shoes, a documentary project by Henry VanderSpek celebrating independent shoe and shoe repair stores of Toronto, is open at the Daniels Spectrum Hallway Gallery. Go and experience the magic of these independent shoe stores, their incredible stories of immigration, passion and multigenerational family history. This exhibit honours those businesses that have ended during the worst of the pandemic but also reminds us why we should cherish these unique businesses while they are still here. Experience David's, a short documentary edited by Christian Jacobsen, featuring David and Richard Markowitz explaining the history and importance of David's, a landmark independently owned shoe store providing internationally hand picked high fashion luxury shoes in downtown Toronto, raised and maintained by the family as a true David and Goliath story.

MAY 10th 2021

Vaccinated! Get vaccinated, protect yourself and others and help Canada get closer to normal.

march 27th 2021

Max Steinberg has won best lead actor for his role of "Son" in What Normal Boys Do at the 2020 iFilmGroup International Film Festival (iFGIFF)

November 24th 2020

Watch season 4 of Mighty Cruise Ships now on Discovery

September 17th 2020

What Normal Boys Do was selected and will be playing at the Toronto Shorts Film Festival

January 31st 2020

Released today! Watch Ted Bundy: Falling For a Killer on Amazon Prime

March 2nd 2019

Max Steinberg has been nominated for his acting role in What Normal Boys Do (2019) for the 2019 Young Entertainers Awards and the Joey Awards


Best Young Actor - Short Film
Max Steinberg

We are cheering for you Max!

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